The Centre for Global Higher Education

The Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) is an international research centre focused on higher education and its future development. Our research aims to inform and improve higher education policy and practice.

CGHE is a research partnership of international universities, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and based at the UCL Institute of Education (UK).

Our three research programmes integrate local, national and global perspectives, and our researchers are based in nine countries across five continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.

  • We have one Principal Investigator (Professor Simon Marginson), 27 Co-Investigators, 13 Research Associates and two PhD students. Each researcher is based at one of CGHE’s partner universities, and works on one or more research projects grouped within CGHE’s three research programmes.

  • Our Research Management Committee has oversight of CGHE’s research activities and priorities. It also assesses the impact of CGHE’s engagement activities and ensures strong integration among partner universities.

  • Our Advisory Board of higher education experts provides strategic advice to CGHE. The Board meets twice a year and includes both national and international members.

  • We are a research partnership of international universities, and also have a number of associate organisations.

  • Our researchers are supported by a Centre Administrator (currently vacant) and a Communications and Digital Engagement Officer.