Dr Jasmine Matope

University of Cape Town

Jasmine is a researcher on CGHE’s global higher engagement research programme.

jasmine matope


Jasmine is a researcher in the field of education. She did her Diploma in Education with the University of Zimbabwe, and BA (Education) with Africa University.

She was an Advanced Level History and English teacher for 14 years. She did a Postgraduate Diploma in Management at National University of Science Technology, Zimbabwe. She obtained her Master’s and PhD degrees at Stellenbosch University, South Africa and was awarded a Merit Bursary and the prestigious Harry Crossley for her Master’s degree. Her Master’s thesis explored the discourses of the youth perception of achievement at a Cape Town high school. She was also awarded the Harry Crossley Bursary for her PhD studies, which explored the discourses of learning, transition and agency amongst students who attended a Cape Town high school during the apartheid period.

CGHE research projects

Select recent publications

  • The influence of social context on students ‘aspirations and understanding of achievement at a Cape Town High School.
    Sense Publishers (Under review)
  • Making wine without grapes: The case of teaching with limited resources
    Perspectives Journal in Education Journal. 2017 (Paper under review)
  • The making citizens through politicised pedagogy. ACTAA Journal. 2017 (Paper under review)
  • Youth perspectives of achievement: Is money everything?
    Perspectives in Education Journal, 33(3):58:71. 2015
jasmine matope

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