Dr Paul Temple

UCL Institute of Education

Paul Temple is a Co-Investigator on CGHE’s global higher engagement research programme.

Past Events

CGHE research projects

Select recent publications

  • A Very Short Introduction to Universities (forthcoming). Oxford: Oxford University Press (co-author).
  • ‘Managing the student experience in English higher education: Differing responses to market pressures’. (2016) London Review of Education, 14(1), 32-44 (co-author).
  • Valuing Higher Education: An appreciation of the work of Gareth Williams (2016). London: IOE Press (joint editor).
  • ‘The idea of the market in financing English higher education.’ In Barnett, R., Scott P. and Temple, P. (Eds.), (2016) Valuing Higher Education: An appreciation of the work of Gareth Williams. London: IOE Press.
  • What has the Coalition Government done for higher education? (2015) London Review of Education, 13(2), 174-178.
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