CGHE Seminar 134

Lost in translation? Language(s) in academic knowledge generation and legitimation

  • Thursday, 12 Mar 2020 12:30 - 14:00
  • 421 Nunn Hall, UCL Institute of Education

English is increasingly perceived as the lingua franca of research. A shared language can enhance academic research dissemination across the globe, but there are concerns that the dominance of the lingua franca may have an impoverishing effect on the generation of knowledge in global and in local settings. Does it make a difference in which language knowledge is generated? Should we be concerned about the role of the lingua franca in the validation and legitimation of academic knowledge?

Based on a comparative study of academic knowledge generation practices in Finland, France and the UK, the presentation draws on sociology of knowledge and research in applied linguistics and language policies. It presents knowledge generation and legitimisation practices as being underpinned by potentially conflicting conceptualisations of knowledge and language at multiple levels (the individual researcher, the research institution, the national and international context). The presentation proposes a Bourdieusian model for analysing knowledge generation processes and practices in local and global settings.


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Dr Anna Mazenod

Dr Anna Mazenod

Dr Anna Mazenod is a Post-doctoral research fellow at Université Lumière Lyon 2 in France. Prior to relocating to France, she was a Research Associate on the Best Practice in Grouping Students project at UCL Institute of Education. Anna holds an EdD from the UCL Institute of Education. She has researched education policy and practice in the UK, France and in her native Finland. She has over eight years of education sector practitioner experience prior to her academic career, with particular expertise in vocational education and apprenticeships. She has published widely on grouping practices in secondary schools and higher and vocational education.

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