Project 1.2

Internationalisation of HE as a public good: a comparative study in four national systems

Project methods

The four national case studies will consist of the following elements:

  • Investigation of internationalisation policies, programmes and perspectives, and synergies and tensions with other national and global public goods, in two contrasting universities in each country.
  • Interviews in universities will include vice-chancellors/rectors/presidents, executive leaders responsible for internationalisation and related matters, administrators handling international students, research professors in the same two disciplines in each university (TBA), international students.
  • Investigations in those parts of government responsible for aspects of internationalisation of higher education (especially international student policy and regulation), and related public good areas – including migration and population policy, national security, economic development, research and innovation, trade and export.
  • Approximately 30 semi-structured interviews per country, including about 10 in each university, and 10 in government and national organisations focused on higher education.
  • Collection of appropriate documents related to government policy and regulation, and HEI policy and regulation in relation to internationalisation.