Project 1.5

UK international graduates from East Asia: careers, earnings, jobs and mobility

Project methods

The research covers students/graduates from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

We will compose a representative survey group of 40 UK HEIs, including 10 HEIs with transnational education (TNE) programmes in Asia. Working through UK HEI alumni offices (especially in East and Southeast Asia), we will compose a sample of 20, plus international graduates from each HEI: 800 in total. These graduates will be surveyed on their employment history and position, earnings and career intentions.

During years 2-3, we will interview a selection of 200 graduates two more times to closely assess the impact of international education on career and social mobility.

The TNE control group will enable a distinction between mobile and non-mobile international education.

We will conduct 10 selected studies (about 30 interviews in total) with businesses and other organisations employing the graduates to explore possible differences between these UK graduates and local graduates in terms of their employment package, career development and mobility opportunities.

In addition, there will be 40 interviews with UK HEI offices concerning the support provided to East Asian students/graduates in terms of careers and jobs.