Project 3.2

The future higher education workforce in locally and globally engaged HEIs

Project methods

This project includes the four UK nations: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will comprise a longitudinal qualitative phase (2017 and 2019), and a quantitative phase (2017/2018), the latter by means of a survey with the aim of obtaining 5,000 responses.

Eight institutional case studies provide the basis for the qualitative phase (five in England and one in each other nation), and we will focus on including different types of institutions.

For each institution we will hold 10 in-depth interviews across different levels of seniority and discipline – a total of 80 in-depth interviews – in 2017.

Every effort will be made to engage interviewees in the study so as to encourage them to undertake a second interview. This phase will be duplicated with the same individuals in 2019 in order to obtain longitudinal qualitative data about the British academic workforce. A pilot study will be undertaken in one institution before starting the field research.

The quantitative (survey) component of the research will be designed after having completed the first wave of qualitative interviews in order to use the insights gained in designing the survey questions.

If possible the research will be extended to other northern European countries, starting with those where CGHE has affiliated researchers.