Project 3.4

The transformative potential of MOOCs and contrasting online pedagogies

Project methods

This project will test potential learning benefits and teaching time costs of different models of large-scale online courses.

We will use learning analytic data collected by MOOC platforms, and from participants, to test new instances of pedagogic theory and practice, including tutor-supported collaborative learning, students as co-producers, and informative feedback that assists learning.

The UCL MOOCs running in 2015-18 cover different topic areas, and different levels of education, yielding rich datasets, including pre- and post- survey data, learning analytic datasets on participation and engagement, and contributions to both open-ended and focused discussion forums.

UCL is a partner of FutureLearn, and we are working with them on using current data analyses to propose new types of data to be generated from MOOCS as formative feedback to teachers and learners.

The methodology will use a mix of quantitative methods using data from the platform analytics and online surveys, and qualitative methods using data from the course contributions and assignments by participants, and from interviews.