Project 3.5

Brexit, trade, migration and higher education

Project timetable

The project will be developed in four phases. Phases 2-4 are partly sequential.

  • Phase 1 April-June 2017: Outline profiles of UK universities, using public data and a web-based survey of European engagement (students, staff, research); finalisation of content categories for data analysis; selection of 12 universities and preparation of interview questions for Phase 2; permissions; meetings with stakeholders.
  • Phase 2 July 2017-March 2018: Conduct of case studies in 12 universities, each entailing 10-12 semi-structured interviews and collation of data related to the universities’ finances and strategy.
  • Phase 3 September 2017 to June 2018: Two one-day national seminars concerning Brexit-related domains. Production and dissemination of regular 2-page policy briefs on HE and Brexit.
  • Phase 4 March 2018 to June 2018: Preparation of first papers arising from the study, and public dissemination and discussion, in liaison with the UK in a Changing Europe ESRC project.