Andrew Gibson

Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)

Andrew Gibson is a Senior Research Associate on CGHE’s global higher education engagement research programme.


Andrew is a Senior Research Assistant at the Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Dublin Institute of Technology, and a PhD candidate at Trinity College, Dublin, researching for-profit and private higher education. His other areas of interest are arts and humanities research, rankings and global higher education, and higher education and the transition to the market state.

Andrew has published on higher education policy, the history of higher education in Ireland, the arts and humanities in Irish higher education, global university rankings, and research evaluation. He tutors and lectures in Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology, and Boston College on the history of Irish higher education policy and current trends in global higher education governance.

Andrew has worked on various international policy reviews and consultations with HEPRU. He was a member of the review panels for the OECD’s HEInnovate country reviews of the Netherlands’ and Ireland’s higher education systems, and was co-author of the resulting reports. His focus in these reviews was organisational capacity, governance, and measuring the impact of the entrepreneurial and innovative HEIs. He has also worked on government reviews for the United Arab Emirates and Wales.

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CGHE research projects

  • University governance, local embeddedness and global engagement in the UK and Europe

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