The Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) is the largest research centre in the world specifically focused on higher education and its future development. 

Our research integrates local, national and global perspectives and aims to inform and improve higher education policy and practice.

Higher education and the media

Join our panel of leading journalists and experts for a discussion about higher education in the media on 30 June. If universities are unhappy with their public media coverage they only have themselves to blame… Or is there more to it? Find out more and register to attend

The impact of global HE trends on Latin America

In a CGHE working paper published today, Dr Carolina Guzmán Valenzuela examines the consequences of the growth of private universities in Latin America. Read about the research

Graduate experiences of higher education ‘massification’ in China

In a CGHE working paper published today, Professor Ka Ho Mok examines how the ‘massification’ and the ‘universalisation’ of higher education in mainland China and Taiwan could intensify social inequality. Read about the research

The social consequences of growing participation in higher education

In an article published in Higher Education, Professor Simon Marginson shows how the growth in the number of people going to university has increased social inclusion, but at the same time is associated with a worsening of stratification of higher education systems. Read the full article

Upcoming seminars

CGHE seminar 19 – Higher education in colleges: why isn’t there more of it? 
Leesa Wheelahan (University of Toronto)
23 June, 12.30-2pm

State and market in Brazilian higher education
23 June, 5-7pm

CGHE seminar 20 – Higher education in the media
John Gill, Carly Minsky and Simon Baker (Times Higher Education), Brendan O’Malley (University World News), Mark Leach (Wonkhe), Gemma Ward and Stephen Khan (The Conversation), Graeme Wise (University Alliance) and Peter Scott (Centre for Global Higher Education)
30 June, 11am-2pm

CGHE seminar 21 – Disruptive technology enhanced learning 
Michael Flavin (King’s College London)
7 July, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar 22 – Employability in higher education: tensions, risks and alternatives
Tristan McCowan (UCL Institute of Education) with Graeme Wise (University Alliance) as respondent
14 July, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar 23 – Mergers in higher education: implications for efficiency
Jill Johnes (University of Huddersfield)
1 September, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar 24 – Representing the international student: the ethical implications of UK policy rationales
Sylvie Lomer (University of Northampton)
8 September, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar 25 (TBC)
15 September, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar 26 (title TBC)
Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin (OECD)
22 September, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar 27 – Costs, efficiency and economies of scale and scope in the English HE sector
Geraint Johnes (Lancaster University)
29 September, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar 28 – Stern report on the REF
James Wilsdon (University of Sheffield) and David Price (UCL) with others TBC
6 October

CGHE seminar (title TBC)
Paul Ashwin (Lancaster University)
20 October, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar – The regional factor in global higher education
Susan Robertson and colleagues (University of Bristol)
27 October, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar – Growth of the global higher education estate: challenges ahead
Alexi Marmot (UCL Institute of Education)
3 November, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar – How English domiciled graduate earnings vary with gender, institution attended, subject and socio-economic background
Anna Vignoles (University of Cambridge)
10 November, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar (title TBC)
James Wilsdon (University of Sheffield)
24 November, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar – Should governments worry about graduate underemployment?
Francis Green (Centre for Global Higher Education)
1 December, 12.30-2pm

CGHE seminar – Constructing the higher education student: comparisons across and within European nations
Rachel Brooks (University of Surrey)
15 December, 12.30-2pm