CGHE Seminar 116

Policy Crises and International Student Mobility

  • Thursday, 03 Oct 2019 12:30 - 14:00
  • C3.12, UCL Institute of Education
  • Gaby Ramia, University of Sydney

There is an established literature on factors which motivate student country destination choices. While a range of host country conditions are considered, the policy environment does not feature prominently. Utilising a body of research on policy crisis management, this presentation analyses the implications of crises for changes in students’ willingness to study in particular countries. Examples are drawn from crises relating to: the UK’s exit from the EU; Indian students’ safety in Australia; and discrimination against Chinese students in New Zealand. The three crises are categorised and compared and the implications of the comparison for scholarship and policy are examined.

You can listen to the seminar here:

Gaby Ramia

Gaby Ramia

Gaby Ramia is Associate Professor in Public Policy in the Department of Government and International Relations at The University of Sydney. His research focuses on policy, regulation and governance in relation to the welfare of two main categories of people: the long-term unemployed, and international students.

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