14 October 2016

What influence have global university rankings had on higher education?

Professor Ellen Hazelkorn discusses the value of university rankings in measuring the quality of universities in an article published today in University World News. She argues that one of the problems with rankings is that ‘prestige and reputation have become dominant drivers’, at the expense of equity and diversity.

She concludes by calling for greater investigation into the role of higher education. In particular, she argues that questions need to be asked about how to mend the gulf between pursuing global recognition on the one hand, and achieving greater civic and regional engagement on the other.

Professor Hazelkorn has also edited a book examining the influence of university rankings on higher education.

Entitled Global rankings and the geopolitics of higher education, the book brings together a range of expert opinion on the subject and provides an in-depth analysis of ranking significance in Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, South America, India and North America. It also outlines the wider implications of rankings for society and the economy, and the role that rankings are likely to play in the future directions of higher education.