31 October 2016

Lingnan University co-launches HE international research consortium

The Inter-University Research Consortium for Higher Education was launched today in a ceremony held at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. The consortium will provide a platform for international research on higher education, policy and governance with particular focus on the Asia Pacific region and Asia-Europe comparison.

The consortium was co-launched by CGHE, Lingnan University and the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP) in the US, and supported by University of Bath’s International Centre for Higher Education Management, King’s College London’s Department of International Development, and Bath Spa University’s Global Academy of Liberal Arts in the UK.

The core mission of the consortium is to:

  • promote inter-university research cooperation in higher education policy, development and governance;
  • offer postgraduate studies programmes and PhD student exchange, as well as executive/professional training;
  • develop activities to establish a stronger learning community and expand learning horizons for students;
  • seek collaboration with leading institutions regionally and internationally to inform policy debates and policy making in higher education; and
  • provide international publication opportunities for partnering institutions and their faculty members.

‘Partnering with leading institutions to co-launch the consortium will further enhance Lingnan’s international research profile and create a great learning environment for postgraduate students’, said President Leonard K Cheng of Lingnan University who officiated the launching ceremony. ‘The consortium will bring together great minds for higher education, policy and governance research, the findings of which will inform international debates and policymaking.’

Professor Ka Ho Mok, Vice-President of Lingnan University, discussed two of his published books entitled Managing international connectivity, diversity of learning and changing labour markets: East Asian perspectives and Research, development, and innovation in Asia Pacific higher education. He called for more regional and international research collaboration in higher education policy, development and governance.

‘We welcome the opportunity to develop PhD student exchange and deepen our strategic research collaboration with Lingnan University’, said CGHE Director Professor Simon Marginson. He was echoed by Professor Rajani Naidoo, Director of the International Centre for Higher Education Management, University of Bath, who said: ‘we treasure the strategic partnership with Lingnan University, and are keen to deepen international research cooperation, co-develop professional doctorate programmes and executive training for higher education leaders with the University.’

Professor Deane Neubauer, Co-Director of APHERP, said: ‘it has been a great pleasure to connect with scholars from leading research institutions working collaboratively in higher education research. The focus on comparative work between the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the US will be theoretically and empirically significant and relevant.’ As one of the collaboration initiatives, Lingnan and APHERP co-hosted an international symposium ‘Gender and the changing face of higher education in Asia Pacific’ on 29 October at the Lingnan campus.