12 December 2016

CGHE research in latest edition of International Higher Education

Professor Simon Marginson discusses Brexit and Professor Paul Ashwin discusses the Teaching Excellence Framework in the latest edition of International Higher Education.

In a chapter entitled ‘Brexit: challenges for universities in hard times’, Professor Marginson argues that the UK’s relationship with Europe has been unambiguously positive for higher education. He points out that the consequences of Brexit – such as blockages to people mobility and reduced research collaboration – will be destabilising. This means that, more than ever, universities have ‘a vital role to play in working across borders’. He concludes that despite its challenges, Brexit will not stop UK and European universities from working together.

In a chapter entitled ‘UK: will the teaching excellence framework work?’, Professor Ashwin discusses the implications of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). He argues that with students bearing the increasing costs of their degrees, information on the quality of an undergraduate education is crucial. But he points out that ‘if the TEF ends up being based on measures that are unrelated to the quality of teaching, then the danger is that it will be more about institutional game playing than it is about excellent teaching’. To be effective, the TEF must take into account research into what constitutes quality teaching, as well as the ways in which universities respond to the introduction of performance measures.

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