22 June 2017

New paper: Leading collaboration to solve global challenges

Professor Rajani Naidoo has written a paper entitled ‘Leading collaboration to solve global challenges’ published by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE).

The paper, which is part of the LFHE’s Leading in Uncertain Times series, highlights the need for global collaboration to solve the economic, political and social challenges we face.

Professor Naidoo argues that universities, as institutions that are both nationally anchored and globally linked, are well positioned to forge transnational synergies. She points out that the relative autonomy of many universities from the full thrust of political and economic pressures offers valuable space for innovation in response to global challenges.

The paper discusses two obstacles for higher education in tackling global challenges: first, the ‘competition fetish’ in higher education, and, second, the intensification of unhealthy forms of nationalism. Professor Naidoo investigates how both issues raise difficult tensions for leaders to reconcile.

Leading in Uncertain Times is a special series of short papers commissioned in response to political change and disruption that is having a profound effect on higher education. Written by well-known figures and published as ‘Leadership Insights’, they offer a new narrative for leadership. See the LFHE website for further information about the series