31 August 2017

New book: managing universities

Professor Jürgen Enders and Dr Giulio Marini have contributed to a new book looking at how modern universities are organised and managed, Managing Universities: Policy and Organizational Change from a Western European Comparative Perspective.

The book is co-edited by Professor Enders and addresses the question of whether 30 years of university reforms have resulted in stronger managerial structures and leadership control.

Dr Marini contributes a chapter entitled ‘The transformative power of evaluation on university governance’ which investigates how external evaluation affects university governance.

The book asks whether current organisational and decision-making structures can be explained by public reform policies. It focuses on the strength of university managerial structures, the role of academics, and how universities relate to and depend on their environment: to governments and other actors; to funders; to evaluators; and to external stakeholders. It further explores how higher education policies are shaped by and affect universities.