19 December 2017

How to understand teaching and knowledge?

Professor Paul Ashwin analysed the relationship between teaching and knowledge in two recent keynotes.

Speaking at the University of Leiden Teachers’ Academy Conference, he argued that good teaching is about knowing your students and connecting their identity with the knowledge they are building about the field.

Discussing employability in research-led teaching environments, Professor Ashwin stressed that a new way of preparing students for a world that is changing very rapidly has to be found.

‘It’s not employment that’s important in today’s world, but employability, and that doesn’t mean a direct connection between teaching and a job, but something much broader than that’, he said.

Speaking at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, he showed how engaging undergraduate students in research transforms their understandings of knowledge.

He argued that the purpose of universities should be ‘about looking after collective, organised bodies of knowledge in society’.