1 May 2018

New report looks at how to prevent regional brain drain in Ireland

Professor Ellen Hazelkorn has co-authored a new report investigating how to develop higher education and training provision in Kilkenny, Ireland.

The report points to factors creating a regional brain drain in Ireland’s southeast – a vicious circle of demographic stasis, outward-bound students, and insufficient urban agglomeration and economic activity at the appropriate level.

The authors argue that around the world, the socioeconomic and strategic value of higher education, and specifically regional collaboration between education and local, regional and national authorities, has been a growing theme. Using examples from Europe, Australia and the USA, they analyse responses to particular regional challenges in other countries.

The report highlights three approaches to providing a tertiary education provision in Kilkenny – combined further and higher education, higher education, and private providers. It also points to the exciting potential for research and its synergies with teaching and learning.

From Charter to Framework: The Case for Higher Education Provision in Kilkenny was launched by Mary Mitchell O’Connor, the Minister of State at the Department of Education and Skills with special responsibility for Higher Education on 30 April.