25 May 2018

How digital learning can improve equity

Professor Diana Laurillard and Dr Eileen Kennedy have co-authored a new report investigating how digital learning at scale could improve equity in education.

The report, Learning at scale for the Global South, is published by the Digital Learning for Development (DL4D), and offers a number of actionable solutions focusing on technology, pedagogy and community.

The authors suggest gender inequalities in educational provision could be improved if policymakers promote blended learning and better access to IT. They argue that digital tools and methods should be further developed to support independent learning. They also recommend that universities and colleges develop exemplars of effective online learning.

Their community-focused suggestions include setting up structures to enable local professionals to develop online courses that meet local needs. They also recommend that educational providers design localisation into their programmes, as well as creating more localised learning opportunities.

The authors conclude that there is great potential for scaling up effective digital learning but there are limitations that need to be addressed and a need to focus strategically on equity.