13 December 2018

Pathways through education to the public good

A new policy briefing by Professor Paul Ashwin and Professor Jenni Case investigates the pathways through South African undergraduate education to the public good.

It is based on the outcomes of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK, and National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa, funded Newton Fund project Pathways to Personal and Public Good: understanding access to, student experiences of, and outcomes from South African undergraduate higher education.

The full outcomes of the project are reported in the book Higher Education Pathways: South African Undergraduate Education and the Public Good, which has just been published by African Minds. The project was a collaboration between the Centre for Global Higher Education and a cluster of NRF funded South African higher education research projects.

The project sought to understand in particular the ways in which higher education in South Africa can play a transformative role in society by examining the relations between access to, student experiences of, and graduate outcomes from South African undergraduate education. The project, which involved 34 researchers from South Africa, the UK and beyond, did this primarily by reviewing what is currently known about South African undergraduate education.