25 February 2022

‘Changing Higher Education in East Asia’ book released


East Asian higher education has common cultural roots in Chinese civilization, each country has been shaped in different ways by Western intervention, and all are building global strategies. Shared educational agendas combine with long political tensions and rising national identities. Hope and fear touch each other. What are the prospects for regional harmony-in-diversity? How do internationalization and indigenization interplay in higher education in this remarkable and brilliant region, once overshadowed by Western power and now coming back into its own, where so much of the future of humanity will be decided?

These issues are addressed in a new book from the Centre for Global Higher Education, Changing Higher Education in East Asia, out now, edited by Simon Marginson and Xin Xu. The book brings together experts from Australia, China mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK and Vietnam. Their chapters add new strands to the academic conversation about higher education in East Asia. Issues covered include the role of higher education in furthering the global public and common good in different national contexts, world citizenship education, the internationalization of the humanities and social sciences, geopolitics and higher education development, cross-border academic mobility, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on regional student mobility, and future regionalization in East Asia.

There will be a webinar on Thursday 24 May to launch the book, more details and to register here. Webinar attendees will receive a 35% discount code for the book. You can discover further details about the book here.