11 February 2023

Introducing the CGHE Podcast

CGHE webinars will now be available to listen to on Spotify and other streaming platforms

In exciting news for the Centre for Global Higher Education, we now have a podcast. We will be uploading audio recordings of our biweekly webinars to the podcast alongside our usual YouTube video recordings, giving you the choice to either watch or listen to the webinar. Currently the podcast is only available on Spotify and Anchor, but we are looking into the possibility of distributing the podcast on other streaming services. New webinars will go live shortly after running, while older webinars will be gradually added.

You now have the ability to catch up on CGHE webinars on the move, while multitasking, or without adverts (if you have Spotify Premium). You can also follow our podcast account on Spotify to be notified whenever we release a new episode.

To view and follow our podcast account, visit our podcast page here.