31 January 2024

Join us for CGHE conference on ‘The public good role of higher education’

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The ESRC Centre for Global Higher Education will hold a dynamic and path-breaking conference showcasing insights from its inter-disciplinary research project 8: ‘Local and Global Public Good of Higher Education, a 10-nation study’, on Wednesday 27 March from 9am-5.45pm in UCL Institute of Education, London.

Researchers will discuss the public good role of universities in today’s policy context, in which higher education is often understood solely in terms of narrowly defined economic benefits of higher education, and the contribution of higher education to community and society building, and global good, must be brought back into the picture. Researchers will present findings from CGHE’s 10-nation study on how policymakers and university staff see the contribution of universities to public good, common good and global common good, not only in terms of economic benefits but broader societal well-being. Different countries handle these issues in varying ways and we have much to learn from each other.

The conference will involve a stimulating mix of panels integrating policy, university leadership and pedagogical perspectives, from both the UK and globally. There will be ample opportunity for audience participation via world cafe style breakout groups and parallel online forums.

This will be an important opportunity for thoughtful scholarly engagement on the theme of public/common good, as well as for a fresh discussion on policies to promote the public good role of universities – for graduates, the nation and for all of humanity.

For conference programme and registration, click here.