14 March 2024

Join our seminar on fostering an inclusive and supportive research environment

A seminar titled ‘Fostering an inclusive and supportive research environment: Reflections from Tohoku University and the Japanese university context’, will take place on Wednesday 20th March at 5.30pm in London.

As much international research suggests, identifying barriers and enablers to positive research cultures in which all professionals are valued, are integral to delivering research excellence and a world-leading research and innovation systems. UCL and Tohoku university are research-intensive institutions located in contrasting cultural, socio-economic and institutional contexts. However, both universities share a common mission to promote the EDI agenda, and this project was jointly developed to share best practice in ‘what works’ in tackling EDI and research culture challenges.

In Japan, diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI – as commonly known), is a burgeoning issue in the higher education sector as the national landscape and society have become increasingly complex and diverse. However, for many universities, it is a very difficult goal to achieve. In this seminar, three speakers from Tohoku University will focus on the context in which Japanese universities are situated, explain from multiple perspectives what structural problems are preventing the diversification of researchers, and show how Tohoku University is working to address these challenges.

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