Darcie Jones

University of Plymouth Students Union

Darcie Jones is the current Vice President Education at the University of Plymouth Students Union. As the first in her family to attend university, she uses her platform to campaign on issues affecting students from underrepresented backgrounds, with a large focus on lobbying on behalf of commuter students to highlight the disadvantages the student group face, particularly in light of the cost-of-living crisis. She also commits herself to speaking out on the experiences of working-class student leaders in Higher Education and highlighting the need for better support for WC student leaders in enabling them to use sector resources to enact effective change.

She studied History at University, with a particular focus on modern social history (including the study of how 80s pop music expressed attitudes towards the Cold War!). She finalised her studies with a first-class thesis study on how the Thalidomide Crisis impacted the development of British disability legislation in the late 20th century.

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