Professor Rajani Naidoo

University of Bath

Rajani Naidoo is Professor in Higher Education Management at the University of Bath and was a CGHE Co-Investigator on the former Project 1.6, ‘Pathways to personal and public good: understanding access to, student experiences of, and outcomes from South African undergraduate higher education’.

Rajani has held a range of faculty and management positions in the UK and South Africa including in an institution which aimed to contribute to the transformation of higher education in apartheid South Africa. She is also Visiting Professor, Chair for Critical Studies in HE Transformation at Nelson Mandela University South Africa.

She is a past Honorary Secretary of the Society for Research in Higher Education and is on the Executive Editorial Board of the British Journal of Sociology and on the Research and Development Committee of the European Foundation for Management Development.

She co-edits the book series Global higher education (Palgrave/Macmillan) and African higher education dynamics (African Minds). Her research interests include public sector markets and new public management; trans-national higher education and global governance; higher education and international development and the changing identity and nature of student participation in higher education.

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Select recent publications

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