Dr Xin Xu

University of Oxford

Xin Xu (许心) is a Departmental Lecturer in Higher/Tertiary Education at the University of Oxford. Her research concentrates on higher/tertiary education and research.

At CGHE, Xin worked on CGHE Project 3 ‘Research on Research’, serves on CGHE RMC, and convenes the agenda committee of CGHE Oxford. Recent books include Handbook of Meta-Research (co-edited with Alis Oancea, Gemma Derrick, Nuzha Nuseibeh; Edward Elgar, 2024) and Changing Higher Education in East Asia (co-edited with Simon Marginson; Bloomsbury, 2022).

At the University of Oxford, Xin teaches on the MSc in Education (Higher Education) programme, and supervises DPhil and MSc dissertations. She was previously an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, where she completed her PhD as a Clarendon Scholar.

In general, Xin’s research aims to:
(1) Contribute to critical, impactful, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary research on tertiary education and research;
(2) Advance conceptualisations of and empirical works on intersectional injustice and inequity in tertiary education, particularly in the changing global context;
(3) Contribute to cultivating equitable, ethical, collaborative, and resilient futures of tertiary education.

Xin’s full profile is available on the University of Oxford’s website.