Dr Celia Whitchurch

UCL Institute of Education

Celia Whitchurch is a Co-Investigator on CGHE’s local higher education engagement research programme.

Celia is a Senior Lecturer at the UCL Institute of Education. Her research interests include the changing roles and identities of academic and professional staff, human resource management and staffing models.

CGHE research projects

Select recent publications

  • Reconstructing Relationships in Higher Education: Challenging Agendas
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  • Professional Staff Identities in Higher Education
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  • Changing Professional and Academic Identities
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  • Being a Higher Education Professional Today. Working in Third Space.
    In University Development and Administration. Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education. Ed. C. Bossu and N. Brown. Dordrecht: Springer. 2017.
  • Shifting landscapes: meeting the staff development needs of the changing academic workforce
    The Higher Education Academy, January 2016
  • The rise of third space professionals: paradoxes and dilemmas
    Springer, 2015