Professor Jürgen Enders

University of Bath

Jürgen Enders is a Co-Investigator on CGHE’s global higher education engagement research programme.

Jürgen is Professor of Higher Education Management at the University of Bath. His research focuses on the study of institutional change in the field of universities, and their role in society and economy.

His major areas of research include (1) the regulation, funding and organisation of higher education and research; (2) management, leadership and organisational change in universities; (3) the student experience, employability and graduate careers; (4) the socio-economic impact of universities; and (5) academic work and career, (6) processes of internationalisation and globalisation in higher education.

He is an elected member of the Academia Europaea and of the German Academe of Science and Engineering, and Honorary Fellow of the Society for Research in Higher Education.

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