Lili Yang

University of Oxford

Lili Yang is a PhD researcher on CGHE’s global higher education engagement programme.

In her doctoral thesis, Lili will explore the similarities and differences between notions of ‘public’ in Sinic and Anglo-American traditions, and its implications in higher education. By conceptually comparing and combining the notion of ‘public’ and related key terms, the research attempts to establish synergies between the two traditions, and to derive a more generic and comprehensive understanding of public goods in higher education, albeit with space for continuing diversity.

Before joining in CGHE, Lili received her basic and post-secondary education in China. Her understanding of both Sinic and Anglo-American traditions forms the cornerstone of this comparatively conceptual exploration.

Broadly, Lili’s research interests include higher education policy and international higher education. For more details, please see Lili’s website.

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