Professor Paul Ashwin

Lancaster University

Paul Ashwin is a Co-Investigator on CGHE’s global higher education engagement research programme and leads CGHE’s local higher education engagement research programme.

Paul is Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. His research interests are focused on the relations between teaching-learning and knowledge-curriculum practices in higher education. He is also interested in the relations between these practices and higher education policies as well as the relations between theories and methods in research into higher education.

He is a co-ordinating editor of Higher Education, the leading higher education research journal, and co-editor of the new Bloomsbury book series Understanding student experiences of higher education.

Paul’s full profile is available on Lancaster University’s website.

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  • Pathways to personal and public good: understanding access to, student experiences of, and outcomes from South African undergraduate higher education
  • Knowledge, curriculum and student agency

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