22 August 2017

Growth of graduate labour supply will ‘transform societies’

Professor Francis Green discusses the effects of the continuing growth in graduate numbers at the Alma Laurea conference.

Professor Green, who recently co-authored a CGHE working paper on the phenomenon of graduate jobs and underemployment, highlights the fact that the proportion of university graduates is increasing following the mass participation of the population in higher education.

While such a growth means that the future of graduate jobs looks uncertain, Professor Green highlights the benefits to society as a whole from raising the level of education. Such benefits are not limited to the work environment, he says, as more educated young people also show greater participation in civic life and politics, as well as being likely to take better care of their health.

Professor Green leads CGHE’s research project, The heterogeneity of the graduate labour market in UK and Europe, which will develop more evidence for the role that education plays in society.

Watch the full interview:

Watch Professor Green’s presentation at the Alma Laurea conference