26 October 2017

Professor Simon Marginson to co-chair inquiry into higher education exports

Professor Simon Marginson will co-chair the Higher Education Commission’s forthcoming inquiry into higher education exports.

The Higher Education Commission is an independent body made up of parliamentarians from the major political parties and leaders from the higher education sector and business community. It examines higher education policy, holds evidence-based inquiries, and produces reports with recommendations for policymakers.

The Commission’s sixth inquiry, Universities Without Borders, aims to examine the potential for higher education exports, focusing on challenges and opportunities for British higher education institutions.

Prior to the EU Referendum, the 2015 Conservative Government announced a target to increase education exports to £30bn by 2020. Against the backdrop of Brexit, the implications this will have for the UK’s access to European funding and partnerships, and public scepticism about the benefits of globalisation, universities will have to reconsider their internationalisation strategies.

Six evidence sessions will be held between January and April 2018, with the findings due to be launched in the summer.