7 May 2021

2021 CGHE Annual Conference: Everything you need to know

The CGHE Annual Conference returns for its sixth edition next week, taking place online as a virtual conference on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 May 2021. We encourage attendees to join the conference platform early ahead of the first session starting at 12pm (UK) on Tuesday.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can still do so here (click on the ticket-shaped box on the right-hand side).

If you have already registered, here are all the details you need to navigate our conference next week.

Where do I go?

Once you have registered, you will have access to our conference platform which you can reach here. When you enter your email, a login code will be sent to you. Please check your junk mail folder if it does not reach your main inbox.

We recommend familiarising yourself with the platform ahead of Tuesday, including completing your personal conference profile.

You will find all the details you need on the conference platform, however if you have access problem to the conference platform you can use the CGHE website conference page here which has the full agenda and will have the links to directly join each session on the day.

How do I navigate the conference platform?

We have prepared an Attendee Guide here. If there is anything which is still not clear, there are contacts details for the CGHE Conference team at the end of that document.

What sessions are taking place?

On the conference platform, navigate to the ‘Sessions’ tab and there you will see details of every session at this year’s conference.

There are three session streams:

Main Session
This is where all keynotes, including the 2021 Burton R. Clark Lecture, and formal presentations will take place.

Breakout Room
After the completion of a Main Session, a 45-minute breakout room will open immediately afterwards to allow the discussion to continue. Please note that a separate joining link is required for this breakout room discussion. This will be posted in the Chat function of the Main Session, but will also be available on the ‘Sessions’ section of the conference platform.

Lounge Room Discussion
This is where a limit of 15 attendees can join to discuss a topic chosen by researchers or doctoral students associated with CGHE. This is also where the event’s ‘unconference’ – a participant-driven meeting – will take place. Attendees will have the option to name their own discussion topic and meet other conference participants there to discuss it. If you would like to suggest a Lounge Room Discussion topic, please use the ‘Event Feed’ section of the conference platform or email Carly Brownbridge: c.brownbridge@ucl.ac.uk.

How do I join these sessions?

A very important aspect! On the conference platform, navigate to the ‘Sessions’ section and select the ‘SHOW MORE’ tab under the session you wish to attend. Within there you will find a JOIN SESSION on the day (not currently visible). Simply click there and you will be taken directly through to the Zoom Waiting Room for that session. A member of the CGHE Conference team will admit you from there. There are separate links for each session, so you will need to navigate to each session’s joining link.

Should you have any access problems on the conference platform, the CGHE website conference page will also have all main session joining links and here are all of the direct joining links for every session, including breakout rooms.

Please remember to keep yourself muted during these sessions, unless you have been invited to ask a question. All main sessions will be recorded and made available the week after the conference.

Will there be networking opportunities?

Yes! That’s where our conference platform comes into play. Visit the ‘Attendees’ section of the platform here where you can view every conference attendee. If you wish to connect with them, go to their profile and select the ‘Meet’ button to arrange a video meeting within the conference platform or the ‘Chat’ button to send them a message.

We recommend having your profile completed as fully as possible, including selecting your interests, as this increases your chances of networking with suitable and like-minded attendees.

Within the ‘Lounges’ section there will also be a series of general networking rooms which you can join and have video meetings with up to 15 other attendees.

I’m still not sure what to do?

If you are unclear on anything or are having problems on the day, please contact CGHE’s Carly Brownbridge by searching for Carly in the ‘Attendees’ section of the conference platform and using the chat function, or by emailing: c.brownbridge@ucl.ac.uk. There is also a CGHE Help Desk that will be open for two hours at the start of each conference day. That is found in the ‘Lounges’ section of the conference platform.

We look forward to welcome you to the CGHE conference on Tuesday.