Dr Eileen Kennedy

IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society

Eileen Kennedy is a Principal Research Fellow at UCL Knowledge Lab, where she leads the MA in Education and Technology. Eileen researches learning design for online and blended higher education and professional development, including caring approaches to online pedagogy.

With the Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) and PROCOL Lebanon, Eileen is researching ways to realise the transformative potential of scaling up digital learning. The findings of the research have led to the development of a new approach to collaborative learning for professionals conceptualised as a CoMOOC or Co-designed Massive Open Online Collaboration. CoMOOCs democratise knowledge production by supporting professionals to build community knowledge together to tackle global challenges. Eileen is the co-author of Online Learning Futures (Bloomsbury). Eileen Kennedy is a Principal Research Fellow on CGHE Project 2, ‘Realising the potential of digital technology for scaling up higher education’.

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