Professor Paul Ashwin

Lancaster University

Paul Ashwin is Professor of Higher Education, Lancaster University. He played a key role in creating CGHE, was a CGHE Deputy Director and led the Centre’s Graduate Experiences of Employability and Knowledge project.

Paul’s project examines the experiences of graduates of chemistry and chemical engineering in England, South Africa and the United States and has highlighted the central role that academic knowledge plays in the benefits that graduates gain from engaging in higher education. His book, ‘Transforming University Education: A Manifesto’ (2020), argues for a focus on the educational, rather than economic, purposes of university degrees in order to understand their transformational impact on students and societies. He is also the lead author on Reflective Teaching in Higher Education (2015, 2020) written by an international team to support the development of research-informed university teaching.

Paul’s full profile is available on Lancaster University’s website.