Research Findings 7
Cash cows or pedagogic partners? Mapping pedagogic practices for and with international students
Published March 2021

Given the context of rapidly expanding international student recruitment and attention on internationalisation of the curriculum, the question ‘how do we teach international students?’ has become more urgent, yet the literature on pedagogic practices remains limited. This paper reports on the second part of a research project exploring this question, drawing on 45 interviews with teaching staff across the UK in multiple disciplines, institutions, and career stages. Staff were broadly positive about international students, valuing their contributions in the classroom, and described an interactive, student-centred approach with commonalities across disciplines and institutions. Teachers used technology, limited lecture time, and tried to create positive relationships with students to enable multiple forms of participation. Challenging institutional and sector conditions, along with COVID-19, limited possibilities for innovation and reflection. Yet teachers are committed to developing practices to facilitate inclusive classrooms.

You can read the full Research Findings paper here.