Changing Higher Education in India
Published December 2023

Higher education is vital to India’s future, creating democratic citizens and a modern economy, building communities and cities and conducting research the country needs to continue its advance. Yet, with two thirds of people of India living in rural areas and urban incomes below the world average, in a culturally diverse country, the tragic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and profound problems of regional, social and gender inequalities, higher education faces many challenges. Changing Higher Education in India brings together experts and emerging researchers from India and the UK to discuss these issues and to explore positive solutions. The team shine the spotlight on financing and funding, governance and regulation, sector organisation and institutional classification, equity and social inclusion, the large and poorly regulated private sector, Union-State relations in higher education, student political activism, and internationalisation.

The Bloomsbury Higher Education Research series provides the evidence-based academic output of the world’s leading research centre on higher education, the ESRC/RE Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) in the UK. The core focus of CGHE’s work and of The Bloomsbury Higher Education Research series is higher education, especially the future of higher education in the changing global landscape. The emergence of CGHE reflects the remarkable growth in the role and importance of universities and other higher education institutions, and research and science, across the world. Corresponding to CGHE’s projects, monographs in the series will consist of social science research on global, international, national and local aspects of higher education, drawing on methodologies in education, learning theory, sociology, economics, political science and policy studies. Monographs will be prepared so as to maximise worldwide readership and selected on the basis of their relevance to one or more of higher education policy, management, practice and theory. Topics will range from teaching and learning and technologies, to research and research impact in industry, national system design, the public good role of universities, social stratification and equity, institutional governance and management, and the cross-border mobility of people, institutions, programmes, ideas and knowledge. The Bloomsbury Higher Education Research series is at the cutting edge of world research on higher education.