CGHE Seminar 13

Changed roles of the state and market in higher education

  • Paul Temple, UCL Institute of Education
  • Ourania Filippakou, University of Hull
  • Viv Caruana, Leeds Beckett University
  • Carol Azumah Dennis, University of Hull
  • Catherine Montgomery, University of Hull
  • Ted Tapper, University of Sussex
  • Gareth Williams, UCL Institute of Education

Access to higher education has long been perceived as an expanding right embedded in an emerging knowledge economy. But in recent years there has been a steady transition to a new political framework characterised by different forms of coordination among institutional policymakers. This seminar explores that institutional and structural change, with particular – although not exclusive – reference to England. Are the changes we are witnessing a question only of increased institutional diversity, or are they also accompanied by greater hierarchy and stratification?

The seminar aims to re-examine the changing relationships between higher education, the state and the market in order to explore the changing public role of higher education. Its focus will be on the following themes: university governance; the expansion of transnational and international higher education; and the links between further and higher education. We hope it will open up theoretical and methodological questions for debate – and perhaps even force us to reconsider many taken-for-granted assumptions about the direction of higher education.

The seminar arises from a special issue of the London Review of Education entitled ‘Higher education policymaking in an era of increasing marketization’ (issue 14.1, publication April 2016).

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Paul Temple

Paul Temple

Paul Temple is a Co-Investigator on CGHE’s global higher engagement research programme.

Ourania Filippakou

Ourania Filippakou

Ourania Filippakou is senior lecturer in education at the University of Hull with a principal interest in the theoretical condition of ‘higher education’. She is a council member of the SRHE and guest editor of the special issue of the London Review of Education on which this seminar is based.

Viv Caruana

Viv Caruana is reader in the internationalisation of higher education at Leeds Beckett University. Her research, informed by critical theory, challenges popular perceptions of the global HE landscape in exploring internationalisation of policy, practice and processes in the context of the global knowledge-based economy and learning society.

Carol Azumah Dennis

Carol Azumah Dennis is principal investigator for the leadership and ethics in FE research project funded by the Further Education Trust for Leadership, March 2015 to July 2016. She is programme director for the University of Hull’s Post-16 PGCE partnership.

Catherine Montgomery

Catherine Montgomery is professor of international higher education at the University of Hull. She is a specialist in international and comparative education with particular interest in international and transnational higher education in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Ted Tapper

Ted Tapper spent nearly all his academic career at the University of Sussex (1968-2003) where his research into the politics of higher education encompasses a significant body of work on governance. More recently, he has examined the role of ideas in the process of change in higher education.

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams is emeritus professor in the Centre for Higher Education Studies at the UCL Institute of Education. During his long career, he has focused mainly on economics, policy and management of HE. He recently published an edited volume, with Ourania Filippakou, on higher education as a public good.

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