CGHE Seminar 31

Measuring teaching excellence: challenges and possibilities

  • Thursday, 20 Oct 2016 12:30 - 14:00
  • Room 822, UCL Institute of Education

Recent higher education policy initiatives, including the English Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), have increasingly focused on the need to encourage and measure teaching excellence in universities.

In this seminar Professor Ashwin will argue that if we are to engage productively with the idea of teaching excellence, we first have to accept the legitimacy of calls for universities to show that students have access to high quality teaching. However, we should not allow our teaching practices to be shaped by potentially flawed and limiting measures of teaching excellence.

Professor Ashwin will argue that in order to develop more valid measures of teaching excellence we need to consider what we know about both high quality teaching and what happens when measures of quality become performance indicators. In conclusion, he will examine the possibilities for developing measures of teaching excellence that will enhance the quality of teaching and learning in higher education.

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Paul Ashwin

Paul Ashwin

Paul Ashwin is a Co-Investigator on CGHE’s global higher education engagement research programme and leads CGHE’s local higher education engagement research programme.

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