CGHE Seminar 61

Students, migrants, or student-migrants? A longitudinal study of international students’ migrant identity throughout migration transitions in the UK and Japan

  • Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 12:30 - 14:00
  • Room 541, UCL Institute of Education

Recent political and public debate around international students’ positioning as migrants illustrates the increasing salience of migration in higher education policy. However, the muddled and contradictory nature of much of the debate around students’ migrant status illustrates the need for a more nuanced theoretical and empirical understanding of the ‘education-migration nexus’.

In this seminar Tom will present his ongoing doctoral research, which seeks to provide such a new perspective. It is among the first of its kind to prioritise the collection of longitudinal qualitative data detailing the processes of student-migration from the perspective of individual agents.

The presentation will outline the study’s methodology, which uses the biographical narrative interpretive method to provide an agentive perspective on structure-agency interactions, and the emergence of ‘migrant identity’ within the ‘education-migration nexus’.

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Thomas Brotherhood

Thomas Brotherhood

Thomas Brotherhood is a PhD researcher on CGHE’s global higher education engagement programme.

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