Project 4

Graduate labour market and equity

This project was a continuation of CGHE Project 2.3, ‘The heterogeneity of the graduate labour market in UK and Europe.’ It sought to assess how the growing inequality of labour markets outcomes has played out for graduates from across the socio-demographic spectrum in a cross-nationally comparative perspective.

About this project

This project tracked trends in graduate outcomes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and its intersection with region, gender, ethnicity and social class. It mapped how increasing degree requirements in the labour market were matched by changes in job tasks and how these trends influenced the distribution of opportunities between graduates and non-graduates. The frame for the enquiry was the uncertainty in high-skills demands against the backdrop of steadily growing graduate numbers.

The project analysed a range of secondary data from national and international sources with essential information on educational attainment, demographics, and earnings over multiple years to study trends. It also brought together information on job tasks to explore the changing importance for degree requirements.


Golo Henseke
IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society
Golo Henseke, an Associate Professor at UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society (IOE), is an applied economist with a track record of publications in leading journals and leadership in diverse, externally funded research projects.
Claire Callender
IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society and Birkbeck
Claire Callender is Professor of Higher Education Studies at IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. She is a Deputy Director of CGHE. Claire led on CGHE Project 5, ‘Student loan debt and graduate decision-making’ which explored the impact of income-contingent student loan debt on English graduates’ lives using both quantitative and qualitative methods. It showed how loan debt can have negative effects on graduates’ lives.


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